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What is woodworm

Insect damage to timber in use in this country is very widespread. However the severity of the damage is in most instances much less than would be caused by an outbreak of dry rot and unless the outbreak is severe replacement of timber is not necessary. Moisture content does not play such an important role in insect infestation as in fungal infestation. However infestation will probably develop more rapidly on wet wood or partially decayed timber. The sapwood is always susceptible. The most commonly found insect attack of timbers in older stock dwellings in the Uk is the common furniture beetle. The insect will attack softwoods such as European Redwood and Whitewood. Evidence of insect attack from this beetle is 1 to 2mm exit holes in the timber surrounded by bore dust or frass. Other types of an insect are the death watch beetle or the house longhorn beetle and the wood boring weevil.


Firstly the correct identification of the beetle must be established in order to specify the product to be used to eradicate the infestation. In situ spray treatment of the timbers is then applied. This is expected to achieve good control of many types of insect.