Damp Proofing Barry South Wales

Case Study – Damp Proofing job in Barry South Wales


Storm received an instructions from a landlady, owner of a property in Barry South Wales.The tenants were complaining of damp issues in the property in the living room and front bedroom. It was clarified over the the telephone and via e-mail the terms and conditions of the inspection.The landlady accepted the terms and instructed us to proceed with the survey inspection and report.The survey was carried out and the inspection was to show visible evidence of damp on the front wall in the passageway and on the front wall in the front bedroom.The cause of the damp was the failure of the existing damp proofing course causing the  plaster to erupt and deposit salts on the surface of the walls.Significant spoilt and stained decoration was also noted.


The damp on the front bedroom wall was caused by the use of defective materials and poor workmanship.Storm recommended the existing render/plaster on the front living room wall be removed to approximately 1.2 meters high.To install a dampcourse to British Standards BS.6576.20005 To re-render and plaster to our specification offering a long term guarantee.In the front bedroom Storm recommended the existing defective render/plaster be removed complete.To re-render and plaster to Storms specification.The landlady of the property who was working away at the time of the survey accepted our report and quotation and instructed us to proceed with the work. Please find images of the ongoing work:


Charlotte Street Barry - start of the work Charlotte Street Barry – Start of the Work
Front BedroomFront Bedroom
Walls Re-RenderedWall Re-rendered
Re-rendered pic2
Front Bedroom Wall Plastered to Finish
Re-rendered 3
Re-rendered 4
Carpets lifted
carpet relayed
Carpet relayed
Relayed 2
clean and tidy passageway
Clean and Tidy Passageway
clean kitchen after damp proofing job in Barry
Clean Kitchen
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